Get the Body You've Always Wanted

Add body wraps to your fitness routine for instant results

Are you eating clean, working out regularly and still frustrated with your results? Body wraps can help! Body wraps aid in the body's detoxification process while minimizing the appearance of cellulite around your torso and legs. They also reduce the amount of lactic acid and lymphatic fluid in the body which can cause aging and bloating.

Wrapped In Beauty offers package sessions for our mineral body wraps and FIT infrared body wraps. Contact us today to discover which wrap is the best fit for you.

Discover the benefits of our mineral body wrap

Mineral body wraps are used to detoxify the body while loosening the lymphatic fluids built up in your body. These wraps also contour and shape your body to create a slimmer, toned figure. Our one-hour sessions are priced as:

One session: $99
Three sessions: $279
Six sessions: $549
Nine sessions: $789
Twelve sessions: $959

Ask about our flexible payment plans.

See gradual improvements with a FIT infrared body wrap

Our FIT infrared body wrap uses far-infrared technology to detoxify the body, reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the appearance of the skin, giving it a youthful glow. Our prices are:

One session: $89
Three sessions: $249
Six sessions: $479
Nine sessions: $649
Twelve sessions: $829

Payment plans are available upon request. Please note that you cannot schedule your FIT infrared body wraps two days in a row. You must have a day in between to allow your body to recover.

Enjoy the relaxing benefits of aromatherapy during your session. Call now to book your appointment.